Used in mainly low-pressure systems, such as oil and water dumps on low-pressure separators, heater treaters, and free water knockouts. Well suited for On/Off situations or throttle control.

Model 4200 • Mechanical Treater Valve

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The BelGASCP P4200 series is an oil or water valve designed to withstand severely corrosive mediums associated with the oil and gas industry.

• Heater Treater
• Water Knockouts
• Gun Barrels
• Salt Water Disposal Systems
• Simple Maintenance: The valve trim can be quickly
changed without removing the valve from the line.
Simply loosen the bolts and hex nuts to lift the bonnet
and housing free of the body.
• Signal (Pilot) Port Orientation Option: Choose from
several different orientations to best suit your
application needs.
• Trim Option: Customers can decide from nitrile and/or
fluorocarbon elastomer options.
• Cage Material Option: Customers can decide between
a carbon steel cage and ratio plug or acetal cage and
ratio plug.
• Trunnion Hub/Shaft D-Key Feature: The P4200 features a “D” shaped hole in the trunnion hub with a “D” shaped trunnion shaft. This feature allows for ease of maintenance and assembly.