Regulators continuously provide supply whether it be air or natural gas, to control devices such as levels,  or pressure regulators. Regulators also provide supply to safety systems, air and natural gas starters on compressors, fuel for sump pumps,  engines and also fuel for burners. These types of regulators are considered self- operating, pressure reducing regulators. By offering various size orifices and spring ranges it allows BelGAS CP to offer regulators that can provide different flow rates and different pressure ranges.

Model PL 91-92 • High Pressure Pilot Regulator

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The BelGASCP PL91/92 is a pneumatic pilot regulator designed to be used in conjunction with
a control valve. This pilot regulator is designed to withstand the severely corrosive mediums
associated with the oil and gas industry. The PL91 is an indirect-acting pilot regulator that is
designed to be paired with a pressure closing control valve. The PL92 is a direct acting pilot
regulator that is designed to be paired with a pressure opening control valve.

• Separators
• Liquid Level Controls
• Scrubbers
• Wellheads

• Single Adjusting Screw: Changing the set point of the unit’s performance is possible by rotating the adjusting screw.
• Accurate and Proportional Control: Each turn on the adjustment screw results in a
known change of the signal pressure set point. Each change in the signal pressure
results in a proportional change in the output pressure.
• Remote Installation: Pipe the unit as close to or as far away as needed from the control valve it is driving.
• Field Reversible: Change an indirect operating unit to direct operating without removing
the unit from the field.