Regulators continuously provide supply whether it be air or natural gas, to control devices such as levels,  or pressure regulators. Regulators also provide supply to safety systems, air and natural gas starters on compressors, fuel for sump pumps,  engines and also fuel for burners. These types of regulators are considered self- operating, pressure reducing regulators. By offering various size orifices and spring ranges it allows BelGAS CP to offer regulators that can provide different flow rates and different pressure ranges.

Model 5300 • Back Pressure Regulator

CP Benefits:

  •   High Capacity (full port)
  •   Intermittent acting pilot
  •   Soft seat material for tight shut-off
  •   Meets NACE MR0-175
  •   Process Fluid = gas
  •   Max WP 300
  •   Minimum WP 15 psig


  • Maintain a constant back pressure
  • Self-maintained