Level Controls


Applications that call for liquid level control or detection include preventing thermal runaway in boilers, detecting leaks in submersible pump seals and controlling the level of liquids in holding tanks.

Offering Level controls in either electric, mechanical or pneumatic operations, BelGas Control Products has the right sensing technology.


Model P8700 • No-Bleed Pneumatic Level Control

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The BelGASCP P8700 series is a low-pressure liquid level controller offered in Pneumatic or Electric outputs. The P8700 series offers several options which allow it to control liquid levels in a range of vessels.

• Low-Pressure Separators
• Treater Applications
• Other vessels which require
liquid level monitor

• Manual Override Cable Access: The body is designed
to allow for manual override access. Optional cable can
be selected for factory set-up.
• Body Mounting Options: The body is offered in 1”NPT,
2”NPT or 4” with optional hammer union in ACME or
NPSL threads.
• Pneumatic Valve: Offers block and bleed design.
• Control: Monitors either high or low liquid levels.
• Optional Float Sizes: Choose from several different float sizes to best suit your application needs.
• Sour Gas Service: Standard with NACE MR0175 compliant parts